Mindful Bodywork


Qigong (Lotus neigong affiliated)

Join one of my regular classes or day workshops in Norfolk and Suffolk, UK.  Although there is always laughter, we take our mindful movement seriously. Practitioners commit to a block of classes, and are open to self discovery--finding how to shift challenges or discomforts to enable personal development. 

There are many excellent forms of mindful movement (yoga, perhaps, being the most popular) but I find myself practicing the traditional self-transformation practice of Daoism: the neigong process using Qigong.  Once we get past linguistic and cultural misunderstandings, these practices are profoundly informative for managing health and well-being.

As a certified instructor of Lotus Neigong International my classes make sure that everyone has access to the information they need to make progress towards optimal efficiency. As a biologist with a PhD in physiological correlates of behavior, and qualified in fascial fitness by biomechanics pioneer Robert Schleip, I also add modern scientific understanding to these ancient arts. I wrote the Foreword for Damo Mitchell's book, 'Nei gong: Taoist process of internal change' (Singing Dragon), and was editor of Master Lam's book, 'Walking Chi Kung' (Gaia books).

Classes follow a process of:

Regulating the Body
Flexibility, suppleness, strength, spinal mobility, joint health, working different tissues and layers

Regulating the Mind
Mindful proprioception, listening attention, quietude, modulating intention and location of attention

Regulating the Breath
Link between thoughts, emotions and physical state