Publications & Presentations

My latest article, Somatic Empathy in Bodywork: the science (part 1) is published in the winter edition of The Shiatsu Society Journal (pages 5-9).

As a biologist I published papers in peer-reviewed journals such as Animal Behaviour and Chemical Signals in Vertebrates. My research interests revolve around the interaction between physiology and behaviour in mammals. This extends into health-maintenance behaviour; in particular, livestock management.

I am an experienced speaker at academic, non-academic and public venues in the UK, Europe, and USA.

Editor of The Soil Association report: MRSA in farm animals and meat: a new threat to human health (2007).

Academic Publications

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2017 presentation at the annual Animal Learn Symposium on dog behaviour, Germany:

'Understanding how animal self medication works can help us better manage the health of our dogs.'


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