Shiatsu in Suffolk

Hands-on bodywork sessions, lasting about one hour, are received fully clothed on a comfortable floor mat. After a brief discussion establishing your priorities for the session (e.g., pain relief, better sleep, reduced habitual worry) I assess, mainly in silence, using experiential-intuitive information processing. I have a non-judgmental confidential somatic dialogue with your body which enables me to know how you are, and what is going on, beneath personal awareness. Adjustments are suggested to, rather than imposed on, your body. After the session, feedback is offered which you may find useful. 

Some clients use shiatsu for long-term health maintenance, receiving treatments  monthly or bi-monthly to monitor health. Others, use shiatsu only when a problem arises and then have weekly sessions for a short period.  How you apply the informational feedback you are given contributes to self-reliance.

Some of the ways in which bodywork enables long-term therapeutic changes are discussed here. The specific techniques I use for bringing about change vary between and within treatments. Although I have trained in a variety of forms (both in the UK and S.E.Asia), my original bodywork qualification was a 4-year Diploma in Oriental Medicine and Zen Shiatsu--a traditional Japanese practice which has since developed in the West to become one of many modern forms of hands-on somatic therapy.

I wish I had come to see Cindy sooner. Amazing! Such a relief to feel my body readjusting, and my neck setting itself straight again! Cindy is a fantastic practitioner, she makes one feel relaxed and confident in the process, instinctively finding and alleviating the problems.
— Jennie Callomon (Textile artist)
Iā€™m so glad I found you. Your treatments are excellent; you really know what you are doing and have great hands. You identified what is going on with me from the start and I feel you are helping me to regain my equilibrium.
— Jane (educational administrator)

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