Like so many of us, I only became interested in health when my own disappeared from under me. Aged 30, a simple bout of flu knocked me into four years of debilitating chronic fatigue for which modern medicine could provide no help. To get well, I had to explore how to optimize mental and physical health together, not separately; and to do so without slipping into reliance on pharmaceuticals. So began my fascination with traditional practices of self-optimization in which mind and body are addressed simultaneously.

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Nowadays, I am known for my love of endurance cycling in far-off lands, on inadequate funds. 


BSc hons Biological Sciences, PhD Physiological correlates of behaviour in mammals (UEA, Norwich), Post.doc.res.fellow, Olfactory evoked potentials in humans; Diploma and post-graduate Diploma in Zen Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine (Shiatsu College, Norwich), Thai massage Diploma (Chiang Mai, Thailand), Fascial Fitness Practitioner (Robert Schleip, London), Qigong instructor of The College of Elemental Chi Kung (London), Medical Qigong instructor of Energy Arts International (Bruce Franztis), Qigong instructor of Lotus neigong International (Damo Mitchell), Internal Alchemy, Mount Wudang, China (Master Hu Xuezhi, author of Revealing the Tao Te Ching).